October, 2009

Oct 09

New Mouse in town

Introducing Magic Mouse. The world’s first Multi-Touch mouse. Continue reading…;

Oct 09

Don’t fock with Type Foundries


NBC just found out – the hard way – that fonts and WORK done by people and companies is not free. Yes people! even if it is design related (we all know your niece is very good at the Photoshop and all that) it doesn’t make it OK to use or ignore copyright laws. I am glad this happened and strongly feel they deserve it. What type of respectable organization or agency would not know this you ask? Sadly, there are hundreds out there. Continue reading…;

Oct 09

Designing Obama – The Book

I have to admit it. As a designer, I think the Obama branding and campaign were brilliant. And now, there’s a chance that a collection of work by numerous artists that worked and volunteered on this campaign gets published if it gets enough supporters… (this is where you come in…)
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Oct 09

Charles Brock vs. Kindle


Charles Brock’s presentation at this year’s AIGA’s Make/Think conference including ‘Office Space’ hardcore scene Continue reading…;

Oct 09

The Sexiest Woman Alive

Greg Williams and Esquire do it again, and this time, it’s Kate Beckinsale’s turn. YESSS!!!
Note to self: Renew subscription! Continue reading…;

Oct 09

Let’s mosh!

Whether you love him or hate him, Kanye is a talented young fella. And his constant desire to do something new or different than anyone else is admirable. (Wish more artists were like that)
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Oct 09

Friday WTFs?

Ha! This site can become addictive, but perfect for slow days at the office. Happy Friday!
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Oct 09

Here we go again…

Yup! Another end-of-the-world movie. Trailer has been up for a while as you might know, but these new scenes were recently released. Watch the trailer… Continue reading…;

Oct 09

Blinka’s version of love at first sight

You know what they say about love at first sight. If it doesn’t work, stalk them until they give up. Or you get arrested…
Well now, there’s a site for that! Remember that douchey hot guy or slutty drunk girl you flirted with for a second last weekend at the club? Now you can meet again, thanks to Blinka. Continue reading…;