November, 2009

Nov 09

Andrea Klarin

Beautiful work by Andrea Klarin just in time for some thanksgiving shoot inspiration.
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Nov 09

Beautiful Fashion


There are many photographers that have the ability to inspire or make you stare and study an ad or photograph. Troyt Coburn is one of them. The mix and contrast of beautiful fashion and lines in composition of some of his photos is simply wonderful. Continue reading…;

Nov 09

Prank Voicemails

You probably haven’t pranked someone by phone since you were 13 – unless you’re Ashton Kutcher of course, but Captain Morgan’s new Calling all Captains Voicemail site allows you to prank your friends… or mom with customizable messages sent to their phone.
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Nov 09

Never date a douche. Again.

Having a hard time finding Mr. Right? Well, good news ladies! and some gents… Intelius is here to help! Now, you don’t have to wait until you wake up in a cheap motel in Idaho, with an empty purse and a stolen car to find out the guy your bff hooked you up with is a convicted felon. Unless you’re into that sort of ‘thrill’ of course…
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Nov 09

Real men drive Vespas

You know what they say about men in pink, nice haircuts, dolphins, The Prius, Vespas, etc… Well, Boston based Marvell Lahens decided to put those rumors to rest with this new Vespa campaign. Oh! and for the record, no, I don’t own a Vespa.
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