January, 2010

Jan 10

Your 15 minutes of fame

This one is for all you talented attention whores. 15toFame allows you to pick your time slot, upload your video and get rated based on votes called ‘clap’. The more votes or ‘clap’ you get, the better chances of getting attention and you might even make it to the wall of fame. Finally! thanks to clap you will be popular like in high school and you can be proud to tell your parents that you got clap… Again.
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Jan 10

Rumor has it… iPad.

Well, it was true and now we have ‘iPad’. Continue reading…;

Jan 10

Exit Through the Gift Shop

For all of you Banksy lovers, here’s a brief trailer of his new film coming soon. Who knew him and Fairey would be spray buddies.

Jan 10

And more Avatar…

A look inside the making of Avatar.

Jan 10

Adidas & Star Wars. Really.

So, what do Adidas and Star Wars have in common? I don’t know, but they joined forces
(see what I did there?) to launch a new apparel and footwear collection called Originals Star Wars.
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Jan 10

Celebrity Casting Shots

Found these celebrities casting Polaroids by Bonnie Timmermann. Bonnie who you say? Bonnie is reported to be one of the highest-paid casting directors in the industry. Yes, that Bonnie.
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