Miss USA Pageant gone wild

After sooo many issues, lawsuits, media circus headlines and who knows what more, the Miss USA Pageant organizers apparently realized what really sells and they are making sure to exploit this in order to attract old lost fans and maybe a few new ones by masking it as a Vegas theme…. Behind are the days the pageant attempted to show a clean, pure horde of ‘real’ American women – we all know what happened when these queens were not in front of the camera… well, at least the television camera ;)

Perhaps their intentions are to attract new viewers, show the evolution of the pageant into a more modern phase or simply get some street cred… might as well eh? After all was said and done, the organizers might have to thank the ex-queen skanks whose orgies, drug parties and rock star lifestyle put them back on the media map. Now THAT sounds more like the real America…








MissUSA website

PS. Somebody please get the guy responsible for those bevel/emboss cool effects on the site away from the computer ASAP!

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