Bloody Omaha

The unexpected rise of award winning Indie and Independent films proved that crazy budgets and production crews are not always necessary (although very helpful) to create quality films. And this golden oldie takes this concept one step further! We all remember that epic ‘Invasion of Normandy’ scene in Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan. But what would you think if I tell you that same scene could be recreated by three ‘actors’, a Z1 camera, a pop up greenscreen, some soldier uniforms and 2 rubber rifles? Crazy I know… but check this out!

I know it’s a bit old, but believe me, if you have not watched it, it is worth it!


Bloody omaha was created by Colin Thornton, Neil Wilson and Steven Flynn who run the graphics company Compost Creative.

Team Compost headed out to Omaha Beach for 4 days armed with a Z1 camera, a pop up greenscreen, some soldier uniforms and 2 rubber rifles (we couldn’t afford 3), and begun the process of covering the beach (with camera on the cliff top), and re-enacting the veterans moving accounts. When back in London (and back in our real day job) we began to piece together all wed shot using adobe after effects, (and a little 3d modeling in Maya) turning the 3 of us into the invading U.S. army.

6 Weeks later the work was completed and provides a moving insight to the U.S veterans memories of storming Omaha beach, for BBC 2’s Timewatch: Bloody Omaha.

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  1. This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

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