So…. it seems like horrible logos are becoming some sort of trend. THANK YOU GAP! Yesterday, I received a press release from DoubleTree Hotels announcing their new Identity. If you know me, you know I get excited every time I receive one of these or find it online and this time wasn’t the exception, specially since it’s a fairly big company and I loved their warm chocolate chip cookies when I was freezing my arse up in New York. But the excitement didn’t last much as I saw the NEW, MODERN, SOPHISTICATED and CONTEMPORARY Identity….

Modern? Sophisticated? Contemporary? P-LEASE!

Add a wagon to this thing and you have the perfect logo for a tiny, isolated, Western themed town - in the middle of nowhere - Bed&Breakfast! YEEEEHAAAAAA!

So, here’s my version…



  1. Lol, that logo is going to be hard to reproduce in some media. But you gotta admit the older one looks like a cartoon butt.

  2. LOL I like the B&B version better!

  3. WTF is up with this companies and their logos?

  4. If they simply used the double trunk and the tree and dropped the “D” aspect, it would have been much stronger.

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