THEE BLOG – Guest Speaker at ITT

I’ve always mentioned that the main goal of this blog is to inspire as many readers as possible by sharing beautiful work from artists I admire, know or find on my online crusades and that simply inspire me. If I get to inspire one of you and make your day/work better, my mission is accomplished! So, imagine my surprise and excitement, when I received a guest speaker invitation from an old friend and current Design Professor to visit his class and share some of the things I have learned so far and that might help his students prepare for graduation…

The experience was incredible, and the students treated me great! I was able to talk about Branding, the importance of researching, creativity and the “Process of Design’ as well as chat a bit about Advertising, a few projects and their work, taking the entire class instead of the planned 30-45 minutes ;)

Thank you again Mr. Gonzalez for the invitation and thank you guys if you are reading this post! It was a learning experience for me as well and I truly hope I get to do this again!






Thank you!


  1. Congratulations! That’s super! I loved having guest speakers back in my College years :P

  2. congrats! post the presentation?

  3. Awesome! Keep it up!

  4. These are good designs really! Well, I guess you inspire some people in your speech.

  5. Thank you Mike! It was a wonderful experience!

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