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Admit it. You spend about half your day ‘researching’ Facebook at work. Hey! there’s nothing wrong with that, research is always crucial to any organization ;) We love and live Facebook, but have you ever asked yourself, why? How would you explain your story? Today I want to share a new interactive social media experiment AND book project created by German based agency On Any Given Monday and Photographer Stefan Milev. The project/book aims to find answers by Facebook users through their application page, which later will be included and published as part of an official book available worldwide. But that’s not all, all proceeds will go to two non-profit organizations – Earth Focus and Aloha in Action! Special thanks to Creative Director and buddy Marko Puclin for the help ;)

Check it out, upload your photo and participate!


1000 Faces, Share Your Story about Facebook campaign

An interactive social media experiment as a intercultural cross media playground for a good cause
Facebook has more than 500 million active users with an averaged of 130 friends each. All together they spend more than 700 billion minutes a month in the social network.

So, who are all those people? By its book project 1000 Faces – Share your story about Facebook the German agency, On Any Given Monday ww.OnAnyGivenMonday.com, and photographer Stefan Milev www.stefanmilev.com try to get to the bottom of this question.

Facebook users worldwide can now upload their picture to the Facebook Page of On Any Given Monday and tell their personal story – why they really are part of the huge network.
Detached from the bulk of anonymous profiles, with a participation numer that is visible to every user, they become active part of the project within the social media giant.

From all pictures collected, Milev and creative director Marko Puclin will choose the 1000 most interesting faces and stories and perpetuate them in a hardcover. It’s an interactive intercultural playground on which ones own voyeurism, differning media and a lot of diverse people with different motives meet.


That gathers a very exciting momentum of its own“, as Julius Geis, founder of OAGM, describes the planned Facebook to turn. The printed result of the photographic networking will be available online and in bookstores througout the world.

The entire profit returns will be donated to two non-profit organisations. Earth Focus www.earthfocus.org and Aloha in Action www.alohainaction.com.

Upload your photo and be part of the project HERE


  1. Interesting project

  2. interesting..

  3. Have been following Stefan Milev for years and just came across his new spread in issue 11 of Schön! Magazine- so so beautiful. http://www.nineteen74.com/magazine/Volume11.html

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