The new St. Pete/Clearwater by Pentagram


Now that the BP oil spill is somehow old news, The St. Petersburg/Clearwater Convention & Visitors Bureau partnered with Pentagram to redesign their new logo which was released earlier this month showing a significant improvement and giving St. Pete and Clearwater a fresh new look. As an ex-Gulf resident, and frequent beach visitor I am glad to see the city partnered with Pentagram for this project in an effort to improve (hiring a good firm often makes things easier), attract new tourists and grow. More about this project after the jump…


The St. Petersburg/Clearwater Convention & Visitors Bureau, under the direction of D.T. Minich and David Downing, has stewarded an ongoing transformation of the area’s image, working notably with ad agency BVK on a series of promotions that have been ubiquitous through the last few brutal New York winters. One piece, however, remained undone, and a year ago, they approached Pentagram to redesign their logo. The new mark is out just in time for spring break.



Pentagram’s Michael Bierut and Joe Marianek—who both grew up surrounded by Ohioans who headed to the Gulf Coast each January—worked with Minich and Downing on the new symbol. More than a dozen alternatives were seriously considered before the team settled on an image that combines the destination’s three initials with a sense of breaking waves and bright sun. The versatility of the wave motif was demonstrated when the design team rendered it in everything from sand to sky, faltering only when they attempted to combine it with Salvador Dalí’s moustache (the new Dalí Museum just opened last year in St. Pete)


Based on waves, the letterforms in the monogram are playful and relaxed. The logo can be illustrated and reinterpeted to convey the reputation of St. Pete/Clearwater locale as a hub for eclectic experiences in off-the-beaten path towns. Unexpected variety in the identity is expressed by way of color, typeface and form—all inspired by the authentic and quirky sights.


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