DesignArmy + Adobe


There many Adobe Artists series videos I love and have bookmarked, but this new one featuring DesignArmy (DC Agency whose work I happen to love) is now amongst my favorites. Adobe visited DesignArmy’s DC office to talk about their work, ideas, and of course, Adobe products in use. Check out the great video after the jump!

You can also watch this video in better resolution HERE

See Design Army like never before in this exclusive, behind-the- scenes video for Adobe. Get the bare-bones, straight-up story of what really goes on at a design firm, and see what it takes for this small army of creatives to consistently drum out project after award-winning project. The five-minute feature includes revealing interviews with studio co-founders Jake and Pum Lefebure, footage of Design Army headquarters and an in-depth look from concept to production of the “Wonderland” site using Adobe’s Flash Catalyst software.






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