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You are probably at work, ‘researching’ the internet and checking awesome blogs like this one ;) Now, take a second and slowly get up and look around your office. Notice the decoration and environment where you spend most of your time. I’m crossing my fingers that you don’t spot any of those depressing ‘motivational posters’ . Now check this post featuring the new sweet KBP West offices designed by Jensen Architects . THIS is how every office should look like!

A unique three-wing conference building serves as the focal point of this office for advertising agency Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners West. The structure houses four meeting rooms, each with its own unique configuration and material treatment.




The three wings of this office are separated by acoustically sealed folding doors, which can be opened to merge the rooms into a single meeting hall. A stadium stair functions as a place for company-wide meetings and informal gatherings and provides access to the mezzanine. A green carpet-clad phone booth structure for conference calls, an indoor garden and a sixteen-foot dining counter animate this colorful, lively office.





Jensen Architects

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  1. those remind me a lot of my office – except that mine’s more like a kitchen… and i’m always picking the kids cherios off the table at the beginning of the day…

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