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I’ve had the chance of meeting fantastic and creative individuals over time, and it is always refreshing to know that we ‘creatives’ are pretty cool people! And to prove my point, today I want to share with you a brief interview I did with Miami based Director Fro Rojas, whose work ranges from great ad spots for AT&T and Ford, to lovely short films like his newest ‘WITH ME’. Fro shared some great insight and process behind his new project and proved that he is not only talented but a cool classy cat!

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions and chat about your new short film ‘WITH ME’. Now, I know this is sometimes a bit tedious, but could you please introduce yourself and tell us a little about you and your work?
My name is Fro Rojas. Born and raised in Miami. Studied film here..then moved to LA…after 4 years out there came back to raise my little sister after our mom passed away from cancer. I refocused after losing my mom, and over the last 6 years I’ve been directing numerous projects from commercials for AT&T and FORD to award winning short films like PENCIL FIGHTING and INVENTING KIN.

I saw the trailer/teaser for your new short film called ‘WITH ME’ yesterday and loved the whole vibe. Can you tell us a little about this project? What inspired you, and how was this film conceived?
WITH ME was something I wanted to do for a while. I wrote the story a couple of years ago after my last short film INVENTING KIN. I’ve always been fascinated by people’s imagination and how as children…it seems endless, but as we grow older, people lose that imagination, I wanted to do a story that focused on those elements. It all came together once the classy peeps at Borscht were ready to go. We always wanted to collaborate on a project and I mentioned this one to them for Borscht 7 and they were completely on board with the idea. Then they contacted the very classy Josie Loren of ABC Family’s Make it or Break It…and she jumped aboard the project…. then we got the rest of our cast together with Melvin Lima and Lauren Berger leading the way. Then we partnered up with artists Sonni, TIff Jen and Kent Hernandez to create some awesome imaginary friends.



Your VIMEO states ‘… short film about a girl with an active and fun imagination.’ but we want more! What’s the story?
WITH ME is a short film about a girl with an active imagination. We see her as an adult and her life is very lonely and boring. She’s stuck doing a job she hates in a life that she didn’t want. We cut back and forth to her childhood where we see her happiness and where she always had a good time with her imaginary friends. As an adult she meets a boy that brings back some sparks and happiness into her life, reminding her of her imaginary friends.

What comes next? Any projects planned or in development?
Up next…well right after…some rest. lol We’re hoping to shoot a feature film this summer. With details still not out in the open..but definitely should be an amazing and fun project to do with a great cast.



As a fellow MIAer, I must ask this question. What do you think of current and developing art and creative scene in Miami? How could it be improved?
I love this question…because I love what Miami has become. The last 6 years have been amazing. I left to live in LA for 4 years and when I came back to Miami 6 years ago I thought, what am I going to do now. Luckily, a lot of people were already here creating a movement within the art scene. I was fortunate to grow as a filmmaker in this movement. I’ve always said it, Miami has a lot of great talent. I see it everyday with filmmakers, musicians, actors, and artists…doing amazing projects. I think a lot of people already recognize what the city has to offer with events like Basel and so on.

Thanks again for your time Fro and best of luck on this and all your future projects!

Make sure you check out ‘WITH ME’ at BORSCHT 7 Film Festival – April 23 at Adrienne Arsht Center – Knight Concert Hall.

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  1. like fro would say “classy interview” I’m really looking forward this film, i really love the idea and exploration on people’s imagination and how as children…it seems endless, but as we grow older, people lose that imagination.

    Congratulation for such a great blog and thanks for supporting the fellow local creatives ;)

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