Clients From Hell


We’ve all had the pleasure of working with a ’special’ client (if you want to call them that) at some point. Learning to survive these painful or unforgettable situations and avoid them like Syphilis is crucial as you continue to learn and grow as a professional. There’s a strange pattern similarity that characterizes these clients, ranging from behavior, paying ‘methods’ to their precious classic phrases and comments. You know you’ve heard most of them… ‘Make the logo bigger’, ‘I want it modern but professional’, ‘My wife doesn’t like red’ or ‘My accountant said I should make these changes…’ CLIENTS FROM HELL, the book, is a compilation of these gems -and a few worse ones- submitted by anonymous designers based on their horror experiences. Check it!

A cult phenomenon among those who work in graphic, print and web design — and those lucky enough to have discovered the namesake blog — CLIENTS FROM HELL has been bringing readers to tears with its unbelievable and always hilarious anecdotes from the twenty and thirty-somethings on the frontlines of design.

In print for the first time, this collection brings together the same type of original stories that make the blog a hit and exposes the designer’s trade for what it really is: new, misunderstood and often unappreciated. Read the quotes, bizarre requests and elaborate communication failures that are all part of the daily life of working with clients.

With anonymous submissions from over a thousand creative freelancers, CLIENTS FROM HELL sheds an insider’s perspective on difficult — and all-too-often irrational and insane — interactions with clients.

Anyone who has ever worked with clients may find these tales frighteningly familiar. New designers may think twice about their chosen profession — or at least find relief in the fact that they’re not alone in absurd client interactions. And non-designers? Well, they’ll just feel grateful — while they laugh and discover the new and uncharted territory of miscommunication.




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  1. Haha. Love it. The samples you shared are excellent. Might have to pick this up.

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