To Life, Love and Loot

Ahoy! Check out Captain Morgan’s new Pirates of the Caribbean-ish spot directed by Academy Award winner Tom Hooper ‘The King’s Speech’. And as a Monday Bonus (and excuse) check out some fantastic Captain Morgan’s ads featuring the stunning Marisa Miller.

Check out Captain Morgan’s YouTube page HERE for more info and videos…

“Set in the mid-1600’s, the campaign tells an interpretive, witty narrative about a great leader who fearlessly protected his crew and had the ability to gracefully navigate whatever life threw his way. The first spot, ‘DIVE,’ showcases Captain Morgan and his unique prowess in diffusing a potentially violent situation when his crew is surprised by an enemy ship. To everyone’s amazement, the Captain prevents an inevitable attack by executing a picture-perfect dive from his ship into the sea below, protecting his crew and ultimately transforming enemies into friends.”

And because there’s ALWAYS an excuse to feature the amazing Marisa Miller in this blog, here’s some Captain Morgan + Marisa Miller collaboration spot… And Behind the scenes videos… and some more spots…. And her YoutTube page!

You are welcome ;)

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