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Personal projects should be a goal all of us, whether Designers, Photographers or Illustrators should attempt to achieve at least once during our career. Not only are they a great creative outlet and source of inspiration, but a perfect self-promotion vehicle as well. And today I want to share a fun and interesting KickStarter project by North Carolina based Matt Stevens, who many of you might know from his amazing work for Dunkin’ Donuts. Matt’s goal is to raise enough money to publish a book about ‘…the greatest sneaker of all time’. Check out some photos, story behind the project and links to support his project, as well as a SWEET promo video done by my good friend Adam Boozer / Jewell&Ginnie after the jump!

The Story

If I’m honest, the whole thing kind of started by accident. As a long time professional designer, I was looking for a personal project that would give me a chance to get back into illustration. I’ve been a sneakerhead as long as I can remember, so I decided to illustrate every pair of shoes I ever owned. I began creating this strange personal museum of a youthful obsession that I never outgrew. After finishing that, I took my favorite shoe of the bunch, the AirMax1, and I began illustrating it in a different way each day. My plan was to do it for two weeks, but about the middle of the second week, things took a turn.

I started exploring the styles of some of my design heroes and current designers and illustrators that inspire me most. I loved digging into their work, trying to figure out what made it tick, and then apply it to this one object. By then the project took on a life of it’s own. I left the tributes behind and began to explore, illustration, photography, design and most importantly, ideas. How many ways could I think of to interpret this one object? It became a playground for all my influences and a personal expression.

When I realized I was going to keep doing this for a while, I set for myself a goal of 100 total. I kept working at it until I reached around 60 shoes over the course of several months, but the demands of work and family dictated that I move on to other things. I was and still am overwhelmed with people’s response to the series, and I’ve always had this nagging feeling that I have unfinished business. So that brings us to the MAX100 project.








The Book

I want to invite you to partner with me as I create 40 more entries to reach 100 and create a very unique book. The book itself will be a celebration of creativity, ideas and sneaker culture. It will contain some behind the scenes information, including process, inspiration and sketches, but mostly it will just be the creations themselves. If you’ve seen them all, the book will contain almost half completely new entries and other content.


Check out more information and support this great project! Visit Matt’s KickStarter page

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  1. Nice! I have a few pairs and would definitely enjoy a whole book dedicated to this kicks.

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