The Pitch: The Game of Graphic Design


We all love board games, specially when they bring out the worst, I mean competitive spirit within us… or mom. Fatimah Kabba, a NY based designer and recent graduate from the School of Visual Arts launched a KickStarter campaign to bring the cut-throat business of ‘pitching’ to our homes through a new board game called The Pitch: The Game of Graphic Design. Check out some photos, rules and story behind this project after the jump.

This concept began as a late night discussion with an advertising friend, and turned into my undergraduate thesis.

I wanted to “rebrand” the preconceptions about graphic design, I wanted friends, family, clients, and the general public to have a new found respect for the field, the legitimacy of which I think is too often minimized or entirely over looked.

Here is the general breakdown of how this project came to be:

All great design begins with one thing: a great idea. This idea is the root of every well produced, beautiful, or savvy execution.Whether it’s the representation of a brand by understanding the audience, the consideration of a books content when creating a cover design, or the basis of a political campaign that goes on to influence millions. As designers we have the ability to influence a world that is more aware of and impacted by design than it realizes.

Communicate the premise of graphic design and make it accessible to everyone,especially non-creatives. Create a product that helps us form a community, collaborate, and invent, exactly what I believe design intends to do.

Create the game of graphic design. A game that allows everyone, not just designers or creatives, but your younger brother, your grandma who can’t click a computer mouse or your best friend who’s an economics major, to better understand and engage in the creative process.

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