URep is a t-shirt brand and online community where artists and users can submit designs inspired by their hometown. URep-ers will vote for the best designs which are then printed and sold. But that’s not it! A portion of the sales of your winning design will also benefit a charity of your choice! Yes, this can count as your good deed for the month. I recently had the chance to chat with my friend Ramon Branger, Partner/CEO at The Alten Group and Digital Director for URep and ask him a few questions about this project…


Welcome Ramon and thank you for accepting my invitation. Let’s start with the basics… What’s your official role at URep?
My role in this project is that of Digital Director

Tell us a little about the team behind this great project…

The people behind URep are: Miami locals and Siblings Lucas, Marcos and Daniela Calderon along with the minds at Macias Advertising and The Alten Group.

The Calderon Family came to us with the idea of a t-shirt business that was created for people to represent where they are from. While attending College around the country they found that their peers and themselves constantly wanted to represent where they are from and highlight their wonderful cities. This was the inspiration that led their entrepreneurial spirits come up with the idea to launch URep Authentic.

We created a socially responsible, crowdsourced, hyper local, online, apparel business and online community that highlights the best of every city.

Within the platform we have also added a networking component so that if you are looking for a graphic designer, painter, sculptor and photographer you can find one here. Even a diamond in the rough. You never know.

Working hand in hand with the family, we helped create, produce and execute the business model as well as all of the branding, marketing, design and web development of the community.

The idea is simple, create a digital platform that helps highlight the city’s creative talent, charities, people and landmarks. Always using the city as the inspiration. Increasing home-grown pride and always giving back to the city.

I told a few friends about this project and one of the things they loved most is that part of the profits will be donated to different charities. Can you explain how this works?
When the artists submit a design, there will be a question on the form that allows them to chose the charity to benefit.


Being a Miami creative, what do you think of Miami’s current relationship and perception of Art & Design? Do you believe we have the potential to become a ‘big city’ like NY, LA, etc?
I think Miami definitely has the potential to become a big player in the art and design scene. Art Basel is a huge international fair that comes every year to our backyard. Every year more and more satellite fairs are popping up. The growth of Art Walk in Wynwood has been incredible to watch. And more and more movies and TV shows are being filmed here each year. We are definitely getting there.






Gotta ask you this. Are there any local rock stars already on board? Any hints?
Ha! you have to stay tuned!

Once you conquer Miami, what’s next?
URep LA, URep NY, URep Chicago, and other cities nationwide. We hope that the community will guide us to the next market.


Any other upcoming projects?
We have a few projects in the works for both local and national brands, but don’t want to give anything away yet. :)

Thank you again Ramon and best of luck! I hope to have you back soon to talk about new projects and the success of Urep. Now let me get working on my submissions ;)

URep is currently recruiting local artists, designers, photographers and creatives of all sorts while preparing the official launch of their site. Want to be part of the inaugurating crew? Submit your designs today!! But hurry, the deadline is August 19th!

Want to submit your design? Do it here!! www.UrepMiami.com

Want more info? Get it here!!

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  1. Sweet idea! I’ll try to submit some designs!

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