Ok, I’ll admit I’ve been told I tend to be a bit sarcastic sometimes. But hey! sometimes you can’t help it and in fact, need to make sure you get your point across. Unfortunately this may not be too easy when writing emails, chatting or writing letters, until now! A new online movement is asking you to join their petition to ‘bring the sarcasm font style to the internet’ A what? Yes, a Sarcasm font! Check out more info, sign the petition and get ready to sartalizice away!

The people are calling out for a sarcasm font. We’re going to make it happen.
Finally, there’s a sarcasm font style: sartalics. Sartalics are reverse italics. They can be applied to any font on any platform.
We’re bringing together 10,000 people to lobby some of the internet’s biggest players, urging them to bring the sarcasm font style to the masses.

It’s all in the reverse lean. When you type what you really mean, it’s in italics and it leans to the right. Sometime in the near future, when you type the opposite of what you mean, it’ll be in sartalics and lean to the left.


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  1. HAHA! I remember the old days of QBN when we were creating ways to express sarcasm after some people were getting their feelings hurt … I think we used to do a double-slash before each sarcastic phrase.

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