Erik Spiekermann by GelstatenTV


There are a few designers I truly admire and respect, and one of these masters is Erik Spiekermann. Mr. Spiekermann is not only a brilliant Typographer and fantastic Designer, he is a smart, witty and very funny lecturer, business man, curator… a modern day renaissance man if you want to put a label on it. I have always been a fan of his work and career, but having the pleasure and honor of meeting him last year in NYC took my fanhood to a different level! Today I want to share some of his Typographic brilliance thanks to a great feature by GelstatenTV. Check it, ejoy it and share it!

Typographer, graphic designer and businessman Erik Spiekermann has created timeless, influential and, yes, Meta-physical work over the past three decades.

Next to founding MetaDesign and FontShop, the latter being the first ever digital distributor of fonts, and designing more instant classic typefaces than any other, he has been recognized as an outstanding expert internationally as a lecturer and professor.

Listen to the design genius talk about new visual languages, design processes, the analogies of music and typography, and why we need better client culture in our latest video and you will easily realize why. Before heading to new visionary pastures, the bike enthusiast will make a short stop to receive the German Design Lifetime Achievement Award 2011 in February.

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