The Hand Written Letter Project

I’ve always been the type of person that likes to take notes, write down instructions, briefs and even love letters (tip for all you single guys) and although I am 100% pro technology, I do miss and feel it is imperative that we continue communicating this way. Not only it is more personal, but it allows us to use our hands and imagination. Plus, they look pretty darn sweet! London based Craig Oldham realized the importance of remaining personal and launched The Hand Written Letter Project + book featuring many personal and interesting letters from creative minds around the world. Check out beauutiful samples after the jump!

The HAND.WRITTEN.LETTER.PROJECT was after a conversation about how personal a letter can be:
a fact that is currently drowning in a tide of depersonalisation, with junk mail and automated correspondence.

There is always something nice about receiving a letter, especially these days when email, text, status updates, and tweets, dominate our communication, leaving many to lose sight of the things that have been around for a while (like ink and paper). However, it is important that they do not.

You’d be forgiven upon digesting the title of ‘HAND.WRITTEN.LETTER.PROJECT’ that it promises nothing other than handwritten ephemera. Speaking elementary this is true, many of the correspondence contained herein is penned by the hand, however thanks to the creative excellence of the respective authors, the letters in this project offer much, much more.

The project extended an invitation to designers and creative thinkers alike to simply write and make known their thoughts posed by this situation: in handwritten form and on their stationery (both of which were seemingly expendable to some, their idea taking preference).

This website showcases some of the correspondence since the projects initiation in 2007, containing the thoughts of some of the biggest and best designers and design studios from the world over.

But the project offers much more than that voyeuristic insight into the creative minds of those we revere, more that it represents a visual narrative on the cultural transition in which we find ourselves. A transition on which your thoughts you are welcome to share, where all you have to do is to pick up that pen…

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As you can see, these are not just interesting (because you get to know many personalities based on the way people write, sketch, underline, etc.) but they are beautiful as well!

BTW, I love these so much that I got carried away and decided to do my own!

And yes, that is my handwriting - combination of caps+cursive+italics - and I am aware some of my characters are a bit inconsistent. But that’s what makes me interesting and mysterious…


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