We always strive to remain creative, current and inspired. We also like to hear and learn from people we admire or that have succeeded in their respective fields. After all, a simple conversation or interview could ignite your creativity and career! Icons and leaders have one thing in common (other than thousands of facebook & twitter followers), they have the power to influence people. And today’s post focuses strongly on this subject. INFLUENCERS is a great web-documentary explaining how trends and creativity become contagious. Add this video to the list of things you must do today. Believe me, inspiration and a new outlook can be found in the smallest things.

INFLUENCERS is a short documentary that explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends and creativity become contagious today in music, fashion and entertainment.

The film attempts to understand the essence of influence, what makes a person influential without taking a statistical or metric approach.

Written and Directed by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson, the film is a Polaroid snapshot of New York influential creatives (advertising, design, fashion and entertainment) who are shaping today’s pop culture.

“Influencers” belongs to the new generation of short films, webdocs, which combine the documentary style and the online experience.








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