Another Day. Another Dropshadow.

If you love posters like I do, here’s one that you might want to get your manicured hands on! The awesome guys at The Design Bureau of Amerika recently launched a new poster illustrating a usual day in the life of a Graphic Designer and it rocks! If you are a Graphic Designer, or know one, you’ll either laugh or cry, but will definitely agree with it. (Although to me, the feedback from Account Management seemed to be more rational than it usually is).


The dream of a graphic designer is to create meaningful designs that communicate on a visual, intellectual and emotional level. It is the joy of being creative and having someone pay you to do it. But the reality of that dream is that it often comes with the heavy price on the creative soul. There are endless meetings, client revisions, committee-mandated direction, project managers who are frustrated art directors, long hours and often little recognition. These are the daily and universal struggles of a graphic designer and this is my loving tribute to those in the design trenches. May the creative concept never be forgotten and the good fight always be fought.

If you are a graphic designer then this poster is for you, or if you have a friend or loved one that is a graphic designer this would be a great gift! Perfect for office, cubicle or home studio, show your solidarity!

This print is now available for PRE-ORDER. You can purchase it now and it will be shipped to you as soon as the ink dries. We expect to have this poster ready for shipment by mid-June.

Production: Screen-printed, limited run / signed and numbered

Printed on: French Paper Pop-Tone Whip Cream / 100 lb Cover

Paper size: 18 x 24


  1. The very last statement crosses my mind at least three t four times a week! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Great find! And sadly, so so very true to life.

  3. You’ve successfully wrapped up all the absolute negatives of the industry into one visually engaging package. Maybe make a less depressing version next? Also, never commute daily in heavy traffic – that alone would drive me insane.

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