Space Oddity

Bowie… we have a problem. When it comes to self-promotion, everything goes. At least, that’s the way it should be… right? Hoping to get into the profitable field of children’s illustrations and books, Canadian Illustrator Andrew Kolb created a beautiful self-promotion book inspired and based on the lyrics of David Bowie’s classic ‘Space Oddity’ and posted it online, for the world to enjoy and share. Now, as much as everyone loved the book and the idea, as you can imagine, the music group who owns the rights to Bowie’s song didn’t like it very much and hit Andrew with a C&D letter, forcing him to ‘censor’ every lyrical content and stopping any chance of publishing…

Fortunately for Andrew, his promo book was a success (regardless if it was published or not) and the positive impact it had throughout the interweb sparked curiosity and interest from a few publishers who are not only interested in ‘convincing’ camp Bowie to release rights and allow the book to be published, but want to hire David to illustrate a few books and stories they have planned.

For now, this is the only project description available at David’s site …

Have you ever been so inspired that you simply want to create?

I know I have and this is the result: a picture book set in space. Isn’t it spacey?!?

Note: This is merely a concept and no physical form of this book will be made until all involved approve of the collaboration.

: The following images are a combination of samples shown on David’s site and samples I found online from sites and blogs that were able to download the original PDF. AND, before you say anything (I know how some of you think) Andrew DID try to contact team Bowie before all this happened…

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  1. Great song & fantastic illustrations!

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