Brand New Conference 2011 Armin Q&A

As many of you already know, the 2011 Brand New Conference is happening this week in lovely San Francisco, and as a past attendee, I cannot wait for it! This year, the Conference moved to the West Coast and includes an impressive and inspiring roster of speakers including Vince Frost (FROST*) , Ben Barry (Facebook), Matteo Bologna (MUCA), Jonathan Notaro (Brand New School), and many more. And as usual, I invited the man & half-team behind this Conference, Armin Vit to share a few details and give us a little preview of what to expect. Check out this brief Q&A to help you get pumped :)

But, before I continue, I know a few of you were in NYC last year so… If you’re booked and attending the Conference, don’t be shy and say hello!! (@theeblog)

Looking forward to seeing you guys there :)


Welcome again Armin and thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions…

How are the preparations for this year’s Conference?
It’s been a little more difficult this time in certain aspects. Mainly with the “intricacies” of working in San Francisco and their unions. I won’t get into details, but there have been some bumps in the road. We also had two speakers who had to cancel their commitment for very good reasons, so it’s pretty stressful to have to find someone once things have been set in motion.

The swag — goodie bag, t-shirt, sketchbook, program and poster — is all done and we hear they look great; haven’t seen any of it which is always a bit nerve-wracking. Ticketing has gone great. We are doing the first bulk of name badges today. Volunteers are in place. A ton of details left to see on Thursday when we prep the venue, but things should be set.

It’s been almost a year since the last Brand New Conference. What has happened since?
The biggest thing has been the Brand New Awards, which we announced at last year’s conference. Everyone was like “Huh? You are doing what?” but they turned out to pretty successful. Other than that… the usual. Writing for our blogs, selling Flaunts, working hard for the money.


What did you guys learn from last year’s event?
That we can do this. It gave us the confidence to keep doing it. There are also a few logistical things we will implement — like running all presentations from the same computer, instead of letting speakers use theirs.


What can we expect this year? Any surprises?
I hope not! Because we don’t have any prepared. So any surprises will be surprising for us as well.


You gathered an impressive and exciting roster of speakers this year and we all have our favorites but, who are YOU looking forward to see?
Corny answer: all of them. Less corny: Vince Frost to get us started and Matteo Bologna to seal the day… and everyone in between. Okay, still corny.



I know you’re working on a SF based poster for the event. What’s the story behind it?
The printer, BurdgeCooper, offered to do a little extra piece this year as part of their sponsorship and we agreed on a poster. We didn’t want to just slap the conference logo and speaker names on it, because that has no real lasting effect. It would have looked cool but I doubt anyone would have hung it on their wall. So instead we decided to do an “ode” to San Francisco and its design scene as well its design and brand icons, from the Golden Gate Bridge to Joe Montana to Adobe. The design is kind of “blunt” and haphazard but it’s kind of cool so hopefully people will want to hang it on their wall.

Thank you again Armin! I am sure this year’s Conference will be another huge success and I can’t wait! See you there :)
Thanks, man. And don’t lose your badge this year.

HA! I promise you won’t have to call me out once this year… BUT, in my defense, I was busy networking and meeting awesome new friends! :)

Visit the BRAND NEW CONFERENCE 2011 site for more information!


  1. I wish I could go. I bet it will be fantastic. Please post photos :P

  2. I’ll be returning as well! :)

  3. Cool! Hope to meet you there!

  4. Seems like tons of people are going this year, as compared to the buzz around last year’s NYC event. Keep us update, Diego!

  5. saw it in Lima, it was awesome !

  6. Hi Franco!!! I see you are from INFINITO :) excelent job guys!

    Conoci a Alfredo y me comento que leen el blog por alla… saludis a todos y Muchas gracias!!!

  7. Hi Mongoose!

    It was great meeting you! Thanks for the help :)

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