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Let me begin by stating I am a strong believer and advocate of change, and I adapt easily to it. (Yes, even the new Facebook features) But when a company like Delicious decides to ‘update’ and delete most of its users content, to introduce absurd features overriding my folders and months of work, we got a problem. I am hoping this was a mistake and that my material has not been lost in a black marketing and greed hole. If you’re experiencing problems with your Delicious please let them know, or let me know how to fix my issue? For now, I sent a few emails… let’s see if we get some help. Are there any other sites you guys use or recommend?

  1. I also am having issues with this. I found out about it through an RSS feed this morning that it was changing and thought it sounded quite kool. This was until I entered the website and then couldn’t log in as I previously used my BT Yahoo account (which is an option that has now dissapeared). Luckily I was already experiencing problems with it and moved most of my links to other portals so didn’t have that many left on there, however this is very annoying! I also asked on their Facebook page what was going on and got no reply. I am not very impressed. At the moment I am using Read It Later & Gimme Bar to bookmark my links.

  2. Mine went to hell too. I switched to

  3. Thanks Mike!

    Katie, thanks for the suggestions and yes, annoying to say the least! I remembered I had a Google account and decided to give Google BOOKMARKS a try. They offer an “IMPORT from Delicious” button that not only imports all your links, but organizes them according to their original TAGS as well! Hope it helps!

  4. Hi, Diego, i just checked it out, after reading your blogpost.

    Surprisingly, bookmarks in the delicious firefox plugin were unaffected. It seems you might still be able to recover links from there, before you log on to the delicious website. Then the plugin goes completely blank.

    BT Yahoo is not an option now as they no longer own the site.

    On the facebook page they said their working on fixing stuff….though no mention of the missing bookmarks or tags.

    Delicious better realize that a social sharing site can’t afford to be this sloppy in the era of social…sharing, networking, etc.

  5. **On the facebook page**

    Where is their facebook page?

    I did a search, and come up with some “delicious fan” sites…with few members.

    Does Delicious have an official facebook page?

  6. *On the facebook page*

    Where is their Facebook page?

    I did a search and only came across a few “Delicious fan” sites with few members…

    DOes Delicious have an official FB page?

    WHere is it?

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