Red Bull – South Africa Headquarters


It’s Wednesday, and as you browse the interweb and pretend to work while staring at the boring walls at your office, I wanted to share another architecture+design post, this time featuring the sweet Red Bull – South Africa Headquarters done by the talented architects and designers at COA. Bright colors, lots of light, action-packed walls and a skate ramp? Show them to your boss and demand an office makeover!

“The National Headquarters houses the professional business functions of Red Bull energy drink, and at the same time is representative of the energy and dynamic nature of Red Bull, the people that work for Red Bull and the athletes and opinion leaders that use Red Bull every day to realise their dreams and ideas.”









  1. Hi, please pass on to the appropriate department or supply me with email address for the correct person to contact.

    Our Motorcycle Club hosts it’s 10th Annual Eagle Bike Rally in Villiersdorp Cape Town. We want to make it very special event because the proceeds are given to different needy local organisations.

    We therefore are appealling to you for some sponsorship to make this event a success and in return we will advertise your company on our “T” shirts and your could also promote your company on the weekend of the Rally.
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  2. Red bull in kwazulu natal has racist people working for them , last nite at a durban pub , the rep n 2 promo girls of Red Bull handed out free red bull cans to whites only … Their were black , indian n coloured patrons as well who were ignored and this type of behaviour in this day and age is simply not acceptable . It is Racist and Discriminatory . My fiancee and friend felt this matter should be publicised .

  3. Thank you for sharing Colin, I would contact them or share it on Twitter… Totally unacceptable.

  4. How can I become one of the red bull promo girls/am interested.

  5. Hi there! Can you please provide me with the relevant contacts of someone dealing with events as we are embarking on doing youth show,so we are trying Red bull to assist,we are based in East london in Queenstown,my my contacts are 0794873491

  6. Hi.
    I’m also intrestred in becoming one of the RedBull Promo Girls. How do I become one? .. Who can I contact?

  7. Thanks for wonderful projects of community building.We are teaming up with Disabled people South Africa to produce an educative thirty minutes Television show about road safety and we are looking for sponsors we would like to have you as our sponsors to make this project a success.please send me the relevant person to talk to.cell:079 7744 511

  8. Good day,

    Please refer us to your sponsorship division?


  9. where does the photos go that your promo girls have taken?

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  11. Tanielle Welff


    My name is Tanielle. iv been trying to become a promo girl but dont know the way of going about it. please could i be informed.


  12. to the girls wanting to become a promo girl, its called google guys look it up!

  13. Sphamandla mhlongo

    HI Madan/sir

    As Basketball is a new growing sport in south Africa and a good marketing tool which many business haven’t discovered, we would like to embrace red bull as a product and to be given an opportunity to fly with RedBull’s wings.

    Our team plays in different locations in Pretoria every weekend and we are about to enter a league next month which is Tswane Basketball League

    Our team name is well known as WolfWings

    Kind Regards
    073 063 4650

  14. Please can somebody help me to get in contact with the right person inconection with a marketing sponsorship


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