Run Chicken, Run.


By now, most of you know me well and know that I love to post and share work, places or stories I like or find inspiring. You may also remember I promised to post more food-related material after our interview with our cool friend Maria Argüello (Yelp’s Community Manager) HERE And today I not only keep my promise, I also bring you a sweet new spot I recently discovered (heard a lot of buzz ) which might soon become the coolest shack in town! Yardbird – Southern Table & Bar is Miami Beach’s newest gem, and could be easily described as a hybrid between a hip SOHO bar + Cracker Barrel. This southern style shack perfectly combines lovely branding, beautiful architecture/interiors & delicious food. What more can you ask for!

The identity and branding are perfectly executed, and the decoration and interiors are spot on, specially those beautiful Dana Tanamachi’s influenced chalk graphics and lettering. I must admit I have not been there yet so I am not able to comment on the food - ahem, unless of course, they want to invite me :) - but based on the great reviews, hype and recommendations I’ve been exposed to, I will definitely check it out soon.

Here’s some info on Yarbird…

“Growing up Southern is a privilege. It runs a helluva lot deeper than just where you’re born. It’s a set of ideals passed down through generations. Sure, it’s about sweet tea and swimmin’ holes, front porches and fried chicken, magnolias and Moon Pies. But more importantly, it’s about being devoted to your roots; having a sense of place, of tradition, of family, hard work and each other. And those, my friends, should be universal ideals.

To that end, we proudly present Yardbird Southern Table & Bar. A house of worship to farm-fresh ingredients, classic Southern cooking, culture and hospitality. What we believe is a noble endeavor indeed. So stop on by, cop a seat and sample some from-scratch divinity. We’re serving up the freshest, most inventive takes on regional Southern fare seven days a week with a foot-stompin’, soul-healin’ Gospel Sunday brunch comin’ soon. We’ll keep a place set for you.”

Check out their site for more southern goodness and if you’re in Miami, make sure you stop by!

Oh, and a special mention and thanks to their Twitter team ( @Yardbird ) for the kind and welcoming responses. Great job guys, you are killin’ it on every front!





















  1. Hey! Just wanted to let you guys know I ate at the Yardbird this past weekend and the food was amazing. Thank you for helping me discover one of my new favorite beach places.

  2. We have an apartment directly across the street and..gotta say…this place is excellent for everything they do. The food and atmosphere are incredible and–as mentioned–so is the branding and signage/print/web design. I can’t track down just who developed any of this. Care to share?

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