Remember those nudie magazines your friends used to bring to school? You know, those old Playboy relics they used to steal from that single ‘cool, uncle’. Whether you admit it or not (you might be at work, in that case, we’ll stick to the ‘articles’ story), Playboy has been present for ages and can be considered part of the American life. And now, a new app has been released, containing all Playboy covers -and believe you me this will bring back memories :) Now, I must admit that I mostly decided to post this because I know a few friends who decided to create and design apps and have gone through hell and back trying to get Apple’s approval. How’s this for ‘following rules’ guys? Check out the app and download it if you want to feel again like a horny 13 year old boy. Or girl…




Check out i.playboy.com for more information…

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