A Lovely Tale

I love finding and learning about new ideas and creative projects by artists and designers – specially when they are awesome THEE BLOG readers! :) Ariel Body is a student on the MA Multidiscplinary Design programme at the University of Ulster, Belfast, where she is currently exploring the use of digital manipulation in photography and how this can affect representations of reality. Ariel launched a campaign to fund her project and she needs our help. Check out her project description and video after the jump and visit her Kickstarter page to support her project!

Ariel was kind enough to describe her project via email and here it goes…

‘A Lovely Tale’ is a project that fuses the realism of photography with the imagination of the digital, to tell a story about what it means to remember, as well as provide a glimpse at how digital technology is changing how we retell stories. The final photo book will contain a photo essay along with a selection of written pieces related to memory, technology and photography. My Kickstarter campaign, to help fund the printing and sharing of the book, is going well – I’m almost half way to my funding goal – but with only two weeks left I’m making a determined effort to get the word out.


The project and theory is something I’m really excited about, and the success of this campaign will be a key part of my course output. I’d greatly appreciate any support you could offer – through blogging or tweeting – as it would hugely help with my Masters outcome.

Feel free to check out the Kickstarter campaign and find out more about the project at www.alovelytale.com.




Visit Ariel’s Kickstarter page and support her project today!

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