Here Comes The Neighborhood

I know most of you who made it to Basel this weekend are, like me, having withdrawals and want even more visual inspiration. Yesterday I shared some photos and talked about WYNWOOD, and how this small and previously abandoned ‘hood’ is slowly becoming a prime spot for art, culture and expression during Basel each year (and every month during Wynwood Art Walk). Well, today I want to dig deeper and share with you (specially out-of-towners) what WYNWOOD is all about, who, why and how it all started. Allow me to introduce you to ‘Here Comes The Neighborhood’ a collection of beautifully shot and edited Short-Form Docuseries featuring the history of the Wynwood Walls, interviews with international participating artists and lots of eye candy.


HERE COMES THE NEIGHBORHOOD is a Short-Form Docuseries exploring the power of Public Art and innovation to uplift and revitalize urban communities. The Pilot Season revolves around the Arts District of Wynwood Miami, featuring an array of internationally acclaimed and locally respected Street Artists, Graffiti Writers and Muralists.

In 2009, Urban Visionary and Placemaker Tony Goldman partnered with Jeffrey Deitch (Deitch Projects Soho and now director of MoCa Los Angeles) to create the Wynwood Walls. What began with a series of parking lots, loading docks, and drab rundown factory buildings, became a curation of high caliber murals from Futura, Shepard Fairey, OS Gemeos, Kenny Scharf and others. The Walls opened for Art Basel 2009, and now two years later the collection has expanded to include over thirty artists from around the world, becoming a “Town Center” in a district that has grown into one of the largest concentrations of commissioned murals in the World.

This year Artists, many of whom have not shown work in the United States before, were selected by Tony Goldman, Goldman Projects Arts Manager Meghan Coleman and Art Consultant Medvin Sobio of the Visual Arts Collective Viejas Del Mercado. 33third Los Angeles, Mid City Arts, and Montana Cans worked together to provide paint for the project’s ambitious expansion.

explores a unique juncture in history as a new community emerges and evolves. A progressive urban revitalization campaign is examined in the first person, using this year’s new Artists and their commissions as a lens to explore a neighborhood in transition. The Series is framed by colorful overview and concluding episodes, providing the scope of past, present and future. Each episode is accented by images from legendary Documentary Photographer Martha Cooper, who has been capturing The Walls since they began in 2009.




Here Comes the Neighborhood: Trailer

Here Comes the Neighborhood: Introducing The Walls

Here Comes the Neighborhood: GAIA

Here Comes the Neighborhood: Kenny Scharf

Here Comes the Neighborhood: Intercambio

Here Comes the Neighborhood: Sego & Saner



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