Type Truck is coming to town!

TheeBlog-TypeTruckI’m sure most of you know or have heard about Kyle Durrie’s Type Truck and her inspiring idea of touring the country teaching workshops, doing demos, and generally spreading the good word about printing the old fashioned way. Well, the Type Truck is finally coming to Miami this week and I am excited to share this with you not only because it is an excellent opportunity to network and meet creative people, but also because it is time we get together and work as a Design community to bring home more fun and inspiring events like this one. So, if you are in Miami, like Letterpress and design and want to get involved, mark your calendar and come by! Would love to meet some of you in person :)

Are you familiar with food trucks? Well this is a type truck so you will be able to print and see how others print. This is “a project involving 1982 Chevy step van and a few thousand pounds of lead, wood, iron, and love.” - AIGA Miami

Wednesday, Jan 25th, 4-7PM
Pearl Art Supply
6448 S Dixie Highway
South Miami, FL 33143

Thursday, Jan 26th, 4-7PM
2519 NW 2nd Avenue
Miami 33127

*A poster will be set up on the press, and visitors will have a chance to ink it up and pull a print of their own to take.

For more information check AIGA MIAMI’s Facebook page/event HERE



Not in Miami? Check out upcoming cities, dates and times at www.type-truck.com

Quite literally, moveable type is the system of printing that uses moveable pieces of type – individual letters, numbers, characters – to reproduce the elements of a document. Invented in China, but popularized by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440, moveable type was like the internet for the 15th century, allowing widespread reproduction of printed materials like books, announcements, and advertising. Today, moveable type is associated with the art of letterpress printing. It is also a project involving 1982 Chevy step van and a few thousand pounds of lead, wood, iron, and love. – Type-Truck.com



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