THEE BLOG – Guest Speaker at IADT

TheeBlog-IADT Last week, I received an invitation from an old friend and now Design instructor to guest speak at his Design Process at IADT course and share with his students some of my work and experiences over the years in this business. I was honored and gladly accepted the invitation, and last night I had the opportunity to share my presentation with a great group of students who (I think/hope) enjoyed it. I wanted to officially thank you guys for your time and comments and Mr. Trutt for inviting me, I had a blast and I look forward to seeing your work soon!

  1. Thank you for the discussion, insight and knowledge. I am one of the students of the class at IADT with professor Chad Trutt. I enjoyed your presentation and will follow this blog as a source of inspiration.

  2. Thank you Chase! It was an honor and pleasure :)

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