Chalk Sweetness for United Adworkers

TheeBlog-UnitedArtworkers United Adworkers launched a contest recently inviting people to design their 2012 Membership Card. Although I have not seen many entries yet, I can honestly say this lovely video entry by BVK is (and probably will be) my favorite. Why you ask? Because it is brilliant! I’ve been in LOVE with Dana Tanamachi’s work since I first saw it and I am a firm believer that she inspired and perfected a new (I know it’s not new, but it has definitely made a strong comeback to the limelight) style of design using chalk. So, anything inspired or similar to Dana’s will always be on top of my lists :)

Adworkers has always maintained their identity of being honest, hardworking, and true. We’ve designed a membership card that not only represents these characteristics, but utilized each of them in the actual creation process. We honestly think our idea is awesome. It took a lot of hard work, and beers, to chalk the design. And we truly enjoyed making this project from start to finish. Adworkers is about bringing the advertising community together, so it’s fitting that collaboration between the four of us made this membership card design possible. - BVK

Congrats to the folks at BVK who worked on this project, Clara Meinen, Kelsey Barnowsky, Casey Christian, Stephanie Goldner. Great job guys!

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  1. Beautiful! I want to learn this technique sooooo bad :P

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