Scrabble Typography

TheeBlog-ScrabbleTypography We’ve all played Scrabble at least once or twice, and although I am not a huge fan of board games (even though I am as ruthless as Trump when it comes to Monopoly) this sweet limited edition Typographic Scrabble, scheduled to be released this summer, could definitely get me in the mood to play. Check out some photos after the jump, and the pre-order link in case you are interested.

Key Features:

- Beautiful solid walnut storage case with drawer
- Six-panel solid walnut magnetized gameboard lined with slip free cork
- Beautiful solid birch cover
- Metal tile racks
- Solid walnut tiles featuring a variety of different and exciting fonts
- Each limited edition set will also include a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity

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  1. Pretty stunning. One of my favorite board games and I might be nerdy enough to get this version.

  2. Heh, there goes 200 bucks :D.

    And this bookmarked that one too lol

    Monopoly is by far my favorite board game.

  3. Using as my main source for find words is awesome. With this thing and my skills I can so cheat at scrabble and look good doing it :)

  4. i own the deluxe, wooden version of monopoly they were selling in the early-mid 90’s and I can tell you that the ‘deluxe’ monopoly linked above looks like a knock-off of the actual deluxe version. that said it might be that the makers decided redefine deluxe since the 90’s. regardless, if you’re really looking to spend a few bucks on a nice version of monopoly, you might want to shop around a bit and make sure you’re getting what you think you are

  5. It is stunning.. I get help by this source for improving my scrabble skills:

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