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TheeBlog-Jamaica_CedellaMarley The first post of July is for you sports and fashion lovers! The 2012 London Olympics are almost here and if you are a sports freak like me, you are counting the days to see some of the best athletes in the planet battle each other not only for gold medals but to beat world records. One of the many highlights of these events is the opening ceremony, featuring a friendly and up-close look at the numerous teams participating, and a treat for fashionistas as many of the delegations parade in custom, and sometimes label-collabs outfits and uniforms. I have not seen any of the other teams yet, but I can honestly say that I am loving the new Puma+Jamaica collection designed by none other than Cedella Marley. (Yup, Bob Marley’s daughter) Puma asked Cedella to design the outfits the Jamaican Olympic team would wear this summer – GENIUS! – and Marley did not disappoint!

Unveiled earlier this month in London, the Team Jamaica line features sweet looks and items inspired by the great Bob Marley. I mean, what better way to capture the island’s flavor and history than to base it on Marley’s iconic imagery and legacy (my 8 year old is able to recognize his photos and music). The collection featuring items named based on Marley’s songs like ‘Iron Lion Military Jacket’, ‘Buffalo Soldier Button Down’ and ‘Satisfy My Soul Women’s Jacket’ is not available for sale yet but I am sure it’ll sell like warm patties (get it?) when it launches. Check it out…








“It is truly an honor to design this collection for my home country and my home team. It’s not even a dream come true because it’s something I never dreamed would be possible. I ran track in high school in Jamaica and I’m still a huge fan of Jamaican Athletics, so to have a role in creating the outfits for our Olympians is unbelievable. I admire what PUMA has been doing in Jamaica over the years and the Marley family has the same type of give-back philosophy. I think this partnership is going to be legendary.”Cedella Marley







Iron Lion Military Jacket… YES Please!




  1. Both jackets are siiick! Nice find.

  2. Sylvain kouakou

    I need a Marley jacket

  3. Iron Lion Jacket !!!

    desperately in search for one

    any help will rewarded

  4. edmundo perez

    Where can i find the iron lion military jacket ? I’ve been searching latley


    EPIC FAIL by PUMA!!!
    These are not available anywhere in the states, they would have sold like hot cakes.
    They were only available in UK and they already sold out.

    PUMA… epic fail!

  6. I agree this is a EPIC FAIL of monuments proportions. There website carries none of the clothing outside of a few polo shirts, a sweater, and the shoes. Marketing Failboat here.. the one time people are looking for puma gear they don’t even have the gear available. Puma has not had the iron lion military jacket or shirt for men at all. When i call they direct me to call the local store which is 50 miles away. Also they said they probably will never carry it in the store. This has all of the earmarks of a good company with people in high places making dumb mistakes. The Olympics is a global advertising vehicle but they are not selling the products they are adverting. Puma need to do a better job hiring people that make the decisions. The military Jacket and shirt are awesome and its a shame its not available. The best part is that I just got off the phone with 1-888-puma number again and they said its probably an exclusive to the team and possible the UK stores. So the website and the American side of the water may never see them.

    Company’s Fail because they miss opportunities. This was an opportunity to connect with first time Puma buyers and when we reach out nobody from there company has any information.

    Puma as the last commenter said.. This is an EPIC EPIC FAIL!!!

  7. Benedict Mukaro

    Where would I buy these original Jamaican jackets and sneakers

  8. Ok where can i buy this please? i looked all over, HELP!!!

  9. This article is great, I don’t know Usain Bolt put puma.
    The Jamaican jackets and sneackers are very good and tendances.

    Chaussures puma

  10. Where can I still get the jamaica shirt to buy I have tried the puma outlet in carneby street london as well as online and no where seems to have it.

  11. Hey guys!!!

    First of all, thank you for all the comments and shares!

    Now, to answer many questions: I have looked everywhere online and even contacted Puma about this line (advised them of all the great comments and interest in purchasing these items) but they couldn’t tell me where or who to contact.

    It seems like there was a specific department in charge of this line that somehow is impossible to reach. I have received tips of where these items have been spotted but have not been able to confirm :(

    I’ll keep trying and if anything comes up, I will post an update!

    Thanks again :)

  12. jerryco holgado

    how can i order the black one with yellow, with jamaica name please. thank you

  13. PUMA is an Illuminati Satanic Luciferian Company shame on you, Bob marley was agains the new world order and Satan, shame on you Bob Marley would have never sold out to PUMA.

  14. It is really a failure. I’ve looked for the jacket everywhere and drived miles and miles hoping to find it. Can’t understand why they did nt reproduce it again… but maybe they don’t like the fact that Marley family got a top idea, once again! They have winner blood. Big respect to Cedella for her design!! Hope to find it one day.

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