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TheeBlog-Linotype_Miami_Screening Today is a great special news Friday as it marks the first event (of many more to come) presented and co-sponsored by this humble Blog! Two years ago I shared with you an ambitious and inspiring film project called Linotype: The Film (HERE) and last year, after having the pleasure of meeting its Director and founder, Doug Wilson, I shared a fun and even more inspiring interview you can re-visit (HERE) Today, I am excited and proud to share with you a project/event I’ve been working on for the past few months in collaboration with a couple of great partners and sponsors, and that I know you (specially Miami folks) will enjoy. I am stoked to announce the upcoming Miami film screening of Linotype: The Film at The Wolfsonian Museum, featuring a Q&A with director Doug Wilson and followed by a post-screening reception at The Betsy Hotel – South Beach. Learn more after the jump!

Most of you who read and follow this blog on a daily basis know of my love and passion for everything related to Design, History and Type. This is why, when I first heard of Doug’s film project back in 2010, I knew it would be a special one and that I had to help promote, support and share it.

I met Doug at a Branding and Design event in New York City back in 2011 and had the pleasure of watching an exclusive preview of his film. Needless to say, it blew me away (even more) and I realized the incredible potential this film had and how all of my design and type friends would enjoy it. I decided then, I would make it my duty as a Designer and film enthusiast to not only promote this film and help it gain some attention and support, but to set myself a new challenge (I think I’m a bit addicted to this – in a good way) and work on something I have never done before. Plan a screening event.

To be honest, yes, at the beginning the idea seemed a bit crazy and far-fetched. After all, I had never planned anything of this magnitude by myself (most projects or events I’ve worked on have been executed as part of a team or agencies) but somehow it felt right. I love challenges and this one seemed like a win-win situation. Not only would I be doing my part to help unite Miami’s creative community, but I would also prove a few people who told me “I was crazy” for taking on such an ambitious project or that “planning events like these in Miami are nearly impossible” that everything is possible if you do things right and work hard for what you want. It’s been a few busy months since this project began but I am happy that everything worked out smoothly and successfully thanks to the support and cooperation of all the sponsors, friends and colleagues that made this possible.

I decided to talk to Doug about my idea of bringing him and his film to Miami and as always, he was extremely cool and loved the idea. Once Doug committed, I contacted an amazing group of partners and sponsors who loved the idea and I want to publicly thank for all their support and involvement in this event. Without them, none of this would’ve happened. Thank you Film, Recording and Entertainment Council of Florida (FREC) for your encouragement, thank you NATIVO for your continued trust and support! Thank you Trimention for always supporting and backing up my crazy ideas!! Thank you Société Perrier for your support and continued involvement on this and many other great projects, Thank you AIGA Miami for joining and backing up this fun idea and a very special thanks to The Wolfsonian – FIU and The Betsy Hotel – South Beach for all your time, support, trust, meetings and phone calls, but most importantly, for going above and beyond! It has been a great pleasure and honor to partner and work with you and I look forward to many more events to come!

Here’s the official poster for the event, designed by yours truly :)

(If you want the bigger version you can get it HERE!)


With that said, if you live or plan to visit Miami soon, please join us at The Wolfsonian – South Beach this coming July 27th at 7:00PM for an exclusive Film Screening and Q&A Session with the film’s Director, Doug Wilson, followed by a after party reception at The Betsy – South Beach where you can meet the Director and network with all attendees and guests. The event is free but considering space is limited, RSVP is strongly suggested :)

Hope to see and meet you all there!





DATE Friday, July 27, 2012 – 7:00pm

LOCATION Wolfsonian-FIU, 1001 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 – (305) 535-2644

RSVP Free Limited Seating DETAILS HERE

AFTER PARTY The Betsy – South Beach, 1440 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139


  1. Wish I could be in Miami…

  2. Well Done Diego! Always great to see people who really care going out there and getting things done. Bravo.

  3. Yeah!! Congratulations and I already RSVP :P

  4. I’d like to RSVP for this event.

  5. Hey Luis! You can RSCP by following this link:

    Thank you and see you there!

  6. I had heard about this film but never imagined it would come to Miami. Congratulations and thank you for making it happen. Definitely attending.

  7. This is so cool! I already RSVPd Great job!

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