New York Fashion Week

TheeBlog-NYFW Last month, I had the pleasure of enjoying NYC for a couple of days as part of my vacation and got to absorb all the energy, inspiration and craziness I love and always miss. Now, most of you probably already know this but September is a pretty busy month in NYC when it comes to Fashion, and this year, I was there to experience some of the glam and craziness you can only find in NY. Today I want to share a few photos of the many I took while walking around the streets and of course, Lincoln Center. Now, before you ask, no, I am not a fashion expert or editor – although I do consider myself a bit savvy :), but when you combine Manhattan with interesting fashion/people, you are fortunate to have inspiring Fashion expert friends (this post is dedicated to y’all) and are a fan of Photographers like Bill Cunningham or Scott Schuman, you have no choice but to whip out your camera and get your Sartorialist on!

Although these photos were not planned and are very casual and raw, you can get a fair idea of how much people love Fashion and the different personalities you encounter. Some of the people I was able to shoot were extremely nice and didn’t think twice about posing and showing off their outfits (most of them dress up, show up and strut in front of the hundreds of photographers and bloggers snapping photos) yeah, I know. Some others were a bit more bitchy or simply weird and scary – Sorry, but Fashion is not an excuse for you to wear unflattering clothes, put anything your grandmother had because it is vintage or look like a fckin’ clown.

So, since I decided to share these photos, let’s have some fun critiquing some Fashion. (You know you do it every weekend at the mall…)

Disclaimer: This is just for fun. These are my opinions and I am being honest. :) - Feel free to share your captions

1. The mother ship

2. All Starbucks and restaurants were packed with bloggers…

3. I have to give it to these girls. Being able to walk blocks wearing high heels is definitely a skill

4. Dorothy!

5. Basics. Good.

6. Nicely done.

7. I had so many captions for this one… but I’m just going with WTF?

8. Hmm :s

9. I love Psycho Bunny and socks, but this is pushing it a little

10. Hair!

11. Simple. Good.

12. Cool old man.

13. Cool pants!

14. Why bother…

15. \m/

16. Something off if you ask me

17. Dogs!

18. Glee!

19. Check this Kanye!

20. See, no need to go crazy to look good…

21. Hathaway

22. Honestly, I always thought mesh was a Hell no!

23. Yup! they got a tail.

  1. Your captions made me LOL! And you say you are not a fashion expert but some of your photos and “eye for style” are better than some of the so-called experts out there :P

  2. love this my friend! great pics, street style AND fun commentary, a WIN in my book!

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