The famous Steve Jobs’ yacht

TheeBlog-SteveJobsYacht We all remember Steve Jobs as a humble and simple genius. Although he was one of the most powerful men in the Universe, he loved to stay below the radar and his iconic style – he practically trademarked the black turtle-neck+New Balance kicks look – was a constant reminder of it. But what very few people knew, until its announcement last year and its mention in his biography book, was that Jobs had been working closely with French designer Philippe Starck on a personal project he unfortunately never got to see finished. VENUS is Steve Jobs impressive yacht and it was unveiled last month in Holland. Forget all yachts and boats you’ve seen before, as this -like everything Jobs created- will raise the bar pretty high.

The boat is made of lightweight aluminum exterior measuring up to 230 and 260 feet in length, making it significantly lighter and faster than other yachts of its kind. Support 10ft high glass walls, teak decks and seven control room 27-inch iMacs.

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