Cyber Week Exclusive: The Bipolar Tee

TheeBlog-BipolarTee It’s been a while since I released my “Bipolar” wallpaper, and a couple of emails requesting t-shirts :) Well good news my awesome friends! Today I am taking advantage of Cyber Monday and releasing a set of limited edition (and quantity) “BIPOLAR” t-shirts just in time for the Holidays. These awesome tees are available for guys/girls and available on all sizes. Like it? Want it? Order one (or many) after the jump!



THANK YOU guys! Originally, this was meant to be a one week deal but thanks to the many new orders received over the weekend and today, I am happy to share that there are many more shirts available!! So, if you’ve sent your email or you still want them, please let me know (email)… I got you!



The Bipolar Tee

The Bipolar Tee


Here’s some info you might want to know:

- There is only a limited quantity of shirts available. (this means you have to hurry!)
- All payments must be done via PayPal (still working on a shop)
- American Apparel 100% Fine Jersey Cotton
- Sizing: All sizes available! ( S, M, L, XL )
- Color: Black

::::: TO ORDER :::::

- Email your request to
- Include your sex and size and shipping address
- You receive an invoice
- You gladly pay
- I print more shirts
- …And buy Christmas gifts for my kids ;)


The Bipolar Tee - Girls

The Bipolar Tee - Girls

The Bipolar Tee - Guys

The Bipolar Tee - Guys


  2. I want one… no I don’t, yes I do, please, NO!

    ~ thank you

  3. Bipolar disorder is a serious affliction. I wonder, would bipolar people find this amusing? I have two friends struggling with episodes right now, so I find this extremely annoying. Sorry, had to be said. Is your next t-shirt “I am mentally retarded?” Yikes.

  4. Hi Saisha,

    Thanks for your concern. And to answer your question, the people I know and have met with this condition have found it funny and in fact purchased tees. You see, this was never done as an insult or a mockery and, “even affected by this condition” they got the point and found it funny. Thank you for taking the time to comment and wish you and your friends all the best :)


  5. Fair enough. I shared this with a bipolar friend and she said sometimes it helps to have some humor about it.

    She sent me this link:,1521/

  6. Awesome Diego! Where can I get the wallpaper you mention above?

  7. That was my point exactly! I am glad she saw the positive side of theses shirts. Laughter is good…

  8. Saisha,

    I have struggled with Bipolar Type I disorder since I was 12 years old. It keeps me from working, I have a hard time keeping friends, and I go through hell nearly every day of my life only to go to bed and wake up and do it all over again.

    That being said, this shirt is hilarious and I need it. Trying to scrape the cash together to order one right now.


  9. @Saisha
    Same for me like the others.
    I got this fucking disease since I am 13. It fucking destroys my life in several aspects… (Well not always.. you know, sometimes it is jsut great!)
    This T-Shirt is not offending. I think its just great!

  10. Thank you for sharing Stefan! And I am glad you enjoyed the shirt.

    BTW, thank you for your order – all the way from Switzerland!!!!


  11. I have bipolar and have had more awful experiences, episodes and stays in the psych hospital that I can count. I find this hysterical. I asked my friend to get it for me for Christmas. I have to find the humor because as Stefan says, bipolar fucking sucks. My sense of humor shouldn’t. Love this shirt!

  12. I have bipolar type I and I fucking love this. It’s so true. I just think people who don’t have bipolar disorder won’t get it.

  13. Are you still making these by chance? I love your style of this shirt so much. Please let me know either way. Thank you!!

  14. Brad Klingenberg

    Love it….I battle with BP II disorder woth bad depresssion and psychosis. The good book says that laughter is like medicine and Lord knows I need some good medicine. Thanks for bringing some levity to an otherwise heavy and dark subject.

  15. Thank you for your comment Brad and I am glad you, like many others, see the lighter and funny side of this :)

  16. I’m bipolar – and I find it very amusing. I love being bipolar eventhough it means that I suffer from depression from time to time to time – but it is so worth it! Hypomania is like the best thing ever!

    Are there still any available tees?

  17. Hey guys,
    You’ll get lots more sales of you were to make these tees available on the likes of eBay as there are tops like this but not as good of quality or design.

  18. I have 3 friends that are bi Polar, even more that are bi sexual, but that’s another story and 100 other t-shirts….My friends “the Bi Polar ones) love it….nothing helps to heal more (even if only for a moment….lol) than humor. It also helps to lighten up the negative tone and or stereo types that surround this condition. I also have a son who is ADHD and he loves his “AD/HD….Im on a highway to, Hey look a squirrel!!!” shirt. He wears it to school and people have nothing to tease him about because he takes the power back!

  19. Got to have one of theese :)
    Do you ship them to Sweden?

  20. I too have bipolar disorder, but I find this t-shirt very amusing.
    I can understand that many people would find it offencive, and it is also very true that our condition is a
    serious affliction.
    But in my case, I need to see humor in things to keep my head above water.
    Love the shirt, looking forward to wear it.


  21. do you still have these shirts available?

  22. Love this design and the saying is priceless!

  23. Hi, I live in the UK, do you ship abroad? Love the t-shirts!

  24. Julie… Absolutely!

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