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TheeBlog-AmericanAirlines With so many tasteless and unsuccessful rebrands lately, I must admit I was a bit anxious yesterday when I read about American Airlines releasing a new look “very soon”. Not because I am a fan or a frequent AA flyer (I try to avoid it like I do Lindsay Lohan) but because deep down I knew this would not be good. You see, there’s this inexplicable obsession with shinny-3D bullshit going around, and unfortunately, it is devouring what’s left of those great iconic and legendary logos many generations grew up with. The new look features a new “evolved” icon more fitted for a small private jet company, and a few changes including new gradients, and as-american-as-you-can-get aircraft graphics.

To be honest, I do not like the new image. Not because I am not fan of the airline and I just want to be a pain in the ass, but because I love good design and strongly believe that the original and iconic logo, designed by Mr. Massimo Vignelli, has worked perfectly for them for so many years. I understand the idea of a ‘new vision’, etc. but you don’t always have to change a logo in order to ‘evolve’. Why not try to conserve such a symbolic icon and simply ‘evolve’ everything around it? – Meaning, cleaning all those shitty, outdated elements and improving all applications.

The new look yes, might look modern and shinny (like any other template logo does) but does it have a future? Is it a logo that could last 40-50 years and still be considered ‘good’? As I mentioned before, it is based n a current ‘trend’ that might go out of style in 3-5 years. (Remember flash sites?) And then what, another rebrand? Do Designers don’t think about longevity anymore?

I’ve said it here many times before and I’ll say it again. I am not a jet-setter, but I have traveled a few times and tried different airlines, and in my humble, personal opinion, American is by far one of the worst (if not thee worst) airlines when it comes onboard experience, old, dirty aircrafts with vcr movies that tend to skip mid-flight and of course, terrible and rude service (In case you need to be reminded you are flying American Airlines). I’ll just keep flying Virgin and JetBlue…

I guess there will be mixed reviews. Some people might love it and some people might hate it. Only time will tell if this logo is effective and strong enough or simply a rushed capricious impulse in the struggle to keep up with other airlines. For now, we’ll be stuck with yet another 3D-ish shinny logo and AMERICAN planes.

By the way, we already have a huge flag on it, so why not also throw in an eagle’s face at the front of the plane, some guns stickers around the sides and a huge “FUCK YEAH!!!” to make sure everyone knows USA is in da house! :/











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  1. Perfectly put and I totally agree with you about the 3-5 year life span.

  2. I normally agree with your reviews, which means I’m a little surprised to see you’re such a fan of Massimo’s mark. I’m a huge fan of his work—getting to see him at Brand New this year was amazing—and I generally love old, flat logos, but I thought this particular piece aged very poorly. That eagle (and especially the AA lockup) looks like it belongs in the 70s. That, combined with their poor service/planes, made them seem like an antiquated, stuck in the past company.

    I realize their issues go far beyond their identity design, but I think this is a smart move forward for them. At least this identity looks like it belongs in the 21st century.

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