Havana Heat

TheeBlog-GoodBooks We all love good books right? Well, if you consider yourself a book worm or even a casual reader, I want to introduce you to Good Books. An organization that will not only provide a wide collection of titles, but will also make you feel good because you are, directly, funding social, medical and environmental projects around the world in partnership with Oxfam. When you buy a book, 100% of the profits are used for these causes. How freakin’ amazing is this!? And to promote this great site, Good Books collaborated with always inspiring The Mill to deliver a beautiful animated novel featuring stunning illustration, animation and way better steamy romance and writting than all Fifty Shades of Grey books together. Check out the short film after the jump and keep on reading!

The Mill were truly excited to be working with String Theory in partnership with Oxfam creating ‘Havana Heat’ the second film (following on from Buck’s ‘Metamorphosis’) in the Good Books ‘Great Writers’ campaign.

The Good Books model is totally unique, 100% of the retail profit from their website goes to support communities in need through Oxfam projects.
‘Havana Heat’ is a steamy love letter to Good Books in the cleavage-heaving language made famous by Mills & Boon.

Luke Colson, Head of Mill Studio explains: “We became involved when New Zealand based creative agency String Theory sent us two wonderfully clever and funny scripts to choose from, and asked us which one we would be interested in bringing to life! We all agreed that we simply had to opt for the Mills and Boon muscle ripping epic and couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

After deciding on the double entendre filled world of Mills and Boon we were naturally led to the conclusion that our talented French animating-directing duo, mcbess and Simon would bring something really special and saucy to the table.”





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