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TheeBlog-Apple_ios7 So, by now, I am pretty sure you are aware of Apple’s latest releases and announcements. Yes, reactions to these have been… let’s say eclectic – or colorful (seems a little more appropriate). Today I want to briefly talk about the re-design of iOS7. One, because I know you guys are probably also struggling with this issue and two, because I needed to rant. I’ve been a loyal Apple supporter for years and was curious to see if the rumors about Ive’s new flat experience were true, I mean, as a Designer, this was something I was looking forward to. But what I saw at WWDC simply didn’t feel right… (and I am being gentle)


First, let’s start by the addressing the big inconsistent, over-gradient and controversial elephant in the room. What the fuck happened here!? I have absolutely no idea what goes on inside Apple and how products or Design is managed so I won’t put all the blame directly on Jony Ive. But there are so many questions… who designed the new UI and overall look? Who approved those icons? WHY?




The new home screen look and icons seem so strange and out of place for an Apple product that at first I thought it was a bad joke. But then I realized that unfortunately these icons, insulting inconsistencies and all, are real. As I mentioned earlier, as a Designer I was excited when news broke that Apple decided to switch things up a bit and adopt a ‘flat’ new look. This was something that sounded promising and that made its rounds on the interwebz.

Unfortunately, what we got is… hmmm I have yet to find the words to explain it. It’s a mix between current signature skeuomorphism and a poor attempt at ‘flat’ design. With lots of gradients!! I have nothing against gradients, in fact when used right, they could be quite effective, but in this case they seem a bit forced and unnecessary. The inconsistency in aesthetic style and even size appearance is baffling. Some icons are rendered as outlines, others as solids and some as overlays. Some float and some are about to explode. And some simply don’t make any sense.

See what I mean?

See what I mean?

Frankly, I won’t get into the whole Android or PC comparisons, or who copied who… (sorry Apple haters) but, could Apple have done a better job and release a great new look? Absolutely. In fact, a quick browse through Dribbble will deliver lots of UI concepts done by different Designers that could easily replace Apple’s version or improve it at least. Just to prove my point:
















I know Apple is more than just a new UI. I know they also launched a bunch if interesting ideas and innovations and as always, I give them credit for that. Do I hope this is kind of a beta test on icons and new flat look, and that (after all the online lynching) it improves? Definitely! Would I continue to support Apple and buy its products? With 1 Mac Pro, 2 iMacs, 1 MacBook Air, 1 MacBook Pro, 3 iPods, 1 iPad and 2 iPhones, I think its safe to say yes.

And to all those apple haters out there, please don’t forget that besides iOS7, there was also another big release… the new Mac Pro. Just check it out, and expect a Dell, Windows, Samsung, or any other copy attempt in 3-5 years :)

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