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TheeBlog-TheFashionPoet When we talk about Miami, most people immediately associate it with beautiful beaches, hot women, warm (or scorching) weather, food and nightlife. But there is so much more to Miami that most visitors, and even locals don’t know. We are an eclectic melting pot where creative, passionate dreamers and doers share ideas and collaborate on a daily basis. A hub for all things creative, inspired by the vast amount of mixing cultures and backgrounds. Today, I want to share a fun Q&A I had with my friend Annie Vasquez, who I can honestly say exemplifies perfectly all these Miami attributes and might be one of the hardest working women in Miami when it comes to Fashion. If you are from Miami, I am sure you know her or have met her, and if you are not, get to know her through this interview where we talk about Fashion, Miami and her new film, screening this weekend at the Miami Fashion Film Festival…

Thank you again for accepting my invitation Annie. I know you must be busy -and maybe nervous planning your weekend- but since I will be out of town, I wanted to chat, ask you a few questions, and share some details about this new project you are releasing this weekend at the Miami Fashion Film Festival. And of course, invite every local reader to enjoy and support local creative people who are making big things happen in Miami :) Welcome!
Thank you so much for the opportunity! You rock :)

Now, for those readers out there who might not know you yet, could you please introduce yourself and explain a little what you do?
I’m “The Fashion Poet” AKA “Annie Vazquez.” I am a Miami gal who loves fashion and I write a blog that showcases the city’s style scene. Aside from that, I do coordinate style events like fashion shows and just recently produced my first documentary.




Can you tell us a little about TheFashionPoet.com?
The Fashion Poet is a Miami-based blog that was born to shine a light on Miami’s style & fashion industry. It features local designers & stores, homegrown brands, fashion/news events happening in the 305 and of course, national brands mixed in.

Before we get into the film, let’s talk a little about Miami and Fashion. I’ve heard many times from outside sources that Miami is not really a Fashion city… I beg to differ, and I am sure you do also, but in your opinion, how does Miami measure up to iconic cities like new York, Los Angeles?
Miami is growing everyday in fashion. We have a burgeoning group of designers here and a plethora of indie labels and of course national brands take for example Perry Ellis which is headquartered in Miami. Though we are not yet an epicenter like New York or Paris, I do believe Miami will evolve. Just look at art scene right now. Wynwood is turning a lot of heads in NYC and around the world.




Miami Fashion Film Festival (September 12-15) will showcase and celebrate films and filmmakers that creatively examine the art, culture, and business of fashion, both locally and internationally. I think I got it, but is there anything you would like to add or share about this upcoming Festival?
The festival also will have panels and workshops where people can come and learn about the many facets of the industry like growing a fashion blog, fashion charities, modeling, styling and more.

As with everything that involves Fashion and Miami, you are not only part of this event but you will also release your first Fashion film/documentary called Blogging: Behind the Seams. As I mentioned during our chat earlier, I remember when you first shared some photos about your ‘new project’ and now we are here, talking about it. Tell us about the film, the journey, how it all started and what can we expect?
The short film is a documentary of what fashion blogging is like in Miami on the day of a big shoot. It examines the preparation from selecting outfits to getting one’s hair and makeup done to the reasoning of the location. It shines a light on Miami designers, brands, and the Miami Marine Stadium which recently got approved to be renovated after being destroyed in 1992 by Hurricane Andrew. The music you hear in the background is also homegrown indie music by bands like Krisp & The Tremends. Director & Filmmaker Karla Ruiz Gomez and myself came up with the idea over lunch. We wanted to tell a story about Miami’s Fashion Blogging movement and how it’s impacting the city by bringing more awareness to local brands here as well as showcasing areas of the city that people may or might not be familiar with.



For those of us who are not able to attend, will it be available after the screening?
It will be showcased at Bloomingdales in Aventura and The Falls Shopping Center, September 16-22. Bloomingdales is one of our wardrobe sponsors. Then, it’s off to the next festival.

Have you had any experience with film before or was this your first venture in this field?
This is my first venture in film and I can’t wait to do more. My experience has been mostly videos for brands like Coach, Mercedes Benz and Nylon Magazine and commercials in the past, but trying film for the first time was amazing.




Now that this project is finished, are you already planning new projects?
Yes, there’s a few in the works.

We’ll talk about this again very soon, but in regards to creativity, inspiration, community and growth, what do you think Miami is lacking? What can we do to improve?
I really don’t see Miami as lacking in anything. I love this city with all my heart. Amazing things are happening everyday here. I think Miami is an awesome city with a very caring community. Blogging: Behind the Seams shows that. It was because of a community of people that cared so much to restore the stadium. Same thing with the Fillmore. A community saved it too. In regards to creativity and inspiration, the arts & music are flourishing right now like in Wynwood. It’s so exciting to see it happening.





Thank you again for your time Annie, as always, it’s been a pleasure and I am sure you will kick ass this weekend. I look forward to watching the film soon and collaborate on interesting things very soon. Keep up the GREAT work and feel free to stop by anytime :)

Want to attend the Miami Fashion Film Festival? Visit their site for details! www.miafff.com


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