Typism Book!!

TheeBlog-TypismBook Today I want to share some awesome news coming from Australia. Last month, Typism, an international Type conference, took place in Australia and it featured many amazingly talented and inspiring Designers and Type Masters like Dominique Falla (its creator), Gemma OBrien, Matt Vergotis, Nicole Phillips, Wayne Thompson, Aurelie Maron and Bobby Haiqalsyah.. Being the Type geek I am, I loved the idea and learned about the event earlier this year. Now, although I couldn’t make it to Gold Coast to be part of this inspiring conference, my work did :) Back in May, Dominique contacted me and invited me to be part of the Typism book she was building in conjunction with the conference. The idea of the book was to gather Designers and Type Lovers from all over the world like Jon Contino, Simon Alander, Sergey Shapiro, Jackson Alves, and put them together in a cool new Typebook… YES!

I am sure you can imagine how extremely excited and honored I am to be part of this amazing project and share pages with Designers and Type Artists I truly admire and look up to for inspiration. It is not everyday that I am featured or published on an international book, and that’s why I am static and sharing it with everyone :)


Thank you again for the invitation Dominique!

The book is already available for pre-sale at Typism.com.au, so if you are interested in getting a copy (which I strongly recommend if you are into Type) do it before they run out or the price increases. Not only is this a great opportunity to have a new Type inspiration resource, but you are also contributing to the constant growth and development of great projects and conferences that benefit us all. I promise I’ll take some photos and share them with you once my copy arrives next month…












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