LABOKOFF by Fabienne Rivory

TheeBlog-FabienneRivory I’ve always had this soft spot for watercolor, and event hough I am no expert or don’t use it much, I love projects or artwork that combine this beautiful medium with illustration, design or photography. French Photographer/Artist Fabienne Rivory has been combining photography with watercolor since 2007 when she created an art project called LABOKOFF which explores the interaction between photography and painting, real and imaginary world, memories and reality.


My images are built around photographs piochées in my personal collection: landscapes, plants, silhouettes … These are individual memories but, by the choice of shots, their treatment and the minimalism of the resulting images may become more universally evocative and remind everyone of a place, a moment, an emotion … The painting done in gouache or the ink then digitally combined texture is used, spot or line, and toggles the image in the unreal. It provides vibration and assistant strength of color and shape to photographic images to create a more subjective and dreamlike vision where everyone can melt. dreamed These are images that attempt to restore the fleeting emotion that we may experience at the beauty of nature, an architectural form, a passing scenery or the silhouette of a loved one. – LABOKOFF










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