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Those of you who know me well or that have come to know me through this blog know that I love what I do and that I am always trying to do my part to share inspiration and the beauty of creativity. I am a huge advocate of working on what you love, sharing / collaborating with others, and never settling or getting too comfortable. Unfortunately, when it comes to cultivating creativity or building a strong -and involved- creative community, Miami has fallen a bit short, which is terribly sad considering all the amazing jewels this city has to offer and the amount of amazingly creative people who live here. This is why, a couple of very good and talented friends and I decided to work together to change this scenario, to do our part. Today, I am stoked to introduce you to our new baby, a project we’ve been planning and working on for quite some time and that is finally ready to be shared and to help Miami be the place we all want it to be when it comes to inspiration and creativity. Meet MIA Sessions!

MIA Sessions is a new organization with a simple, yet ambitious goal. To build a stronger and more involved creative community in Miami. How do we plan to achieve this? Well, to start, we’re working on a series of quality events, lectures and workshops featuring experts and world-known names on a variety of fields such as Design, Art, Film, Music, Fashion, Photography, Advertising, Food, etc. Creativity and inspiration is an integral part of all these fields, and our mission is to celebrate and share it with Miami in order to ignite that creative engine that lives within all of us. Our motto is simple and speaks for itself… Ignite. Inspire. Create.

We are working with a great roster of brilliant speakers and artists from all over the US - and the world! - that we are sure will not only inspire many of us, but that will also allow us to keep growing as a creative community, and as modern city. We are also very fortunate to have the support of many amazing sponsors and partners who have joined this project and who share our vision and goals.

It’s been a long road, full of meetings, meetings about meetings, calls, emails, and lots of late nights, yet this is just the beginning. We truly believe in this project, in Miami, and in the fact that we can help make a difference. We want MIA Sessions to be that catalyst that inspires others to join and that delivers quality and inspiring content and events. We are not a typical organization… We care, love and live for what we do. And it is because of this passion, that we are sure you will love and join us!


So, when does it all start? Sooner than you think! MIA Walls is our first official event, happening December 13th and will feature an impressive list of amazing artists as well as a great environment full of art, music, networking and goodies from our generous sponsors. We will be announcing all the details very soon, but in the meantime, please check out our website and social media pages and share us with your friends. Seriously, like/follow us and help us spread the word!


For now, if you have any questions, want more information, have any ideas that you want to share or want to join us as a sponsor, feel free to contact us at hi@miasessions.com

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Twitter: @Mia_Sessions
Instagram: mia_sessions

BIG thank you to everyone involved in this project, all our sponsors and all the great artists that believe and want to be part of this movement. (and those who will join us as we grow). Let’s get busy…



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