Typism Book Feature!

TheeBlog-TypismBook1 You all know very well how much I love letters, Type and Lettering, and how I am constantly learning new techniques, trying to incorporate it into my work, and sharing this beautiful craft and passion with my students. Now, remember I mentioned a type book I was invited to be part of, and that was in the works?… Well, my contributor copy finally arrived and I am BEYOND static, humbled, honored, and proud to show you this amazing book, and my featured work :) To be part of such a great international publication, and to share this honor – and pages – with über talented artists I admire and study so much like Andrei Robu, Mathew Tapia, Simon Ålander, James T. Edmondson, Sergey Shapiro, Michael Spitz, Dominique Falla, Joel Felix, Jomn Contino, John Passafiume, Ged Palmer, and so many more is definitely a career highlight! A huge thank you to Dominique Falla for inviting me to be part of this project and making my year. What a perfect way to end the year in a positive vibe, being featured in an amazing book and being able to show, and leave my kids a little published piece of my work that they can enjoy and maybe show their kids someday :)

The book is fantastic! It features 193 stunning lettering and type pieces from artists around the world, and will definitely inspire you. If you want to buy a copy – please do – you can still get it here:













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