Happy New Year!

TheeBlog-HH_Calligraphuck Wow, the last post of 2013… To say that this year has been an extremely awesome roller coaster full of thrills, adventures, connections, experiences, disappointments and learnings would be a sublime understatement. And while it’s always good to look back and reminisce, I want to look forward, plan, and wish you all a GREAT 2014 full of health, love, success, travel and lots of work! THANK YOU for all your support, for making this year an unforgettable one and for sharing this unexplainable love for all things creative! Oh, and what better way to wish you Happy Holidays than a very unique Typographic card, courtesy of a great new friend I met this year and whose work I love. The one and only Mr. Calligraphuck. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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