The Marty McFly

TheeBlog-MartyMcFly_Tshirt So, Valentine’s day is approaching and I am sure there are still a few of you out there looking for that perfect gift. You know, that little something different and unique that you could only find if you do some research – because flowers and chocolates are… a bit dated. So, being that I am a nice guy, and that I tend to spend a couple of hours a week ‘researching the interweb’, I decided this week is all about cool and unique gifts (for both) that you may not find at CVS. Since it is a given that ladies always get the good stuff, we’ll start with the dudes, and what better way to start than with this badass Back to the Future – Marty McFly tshirt! Think about it ladies, your boyfriend will love it (unless he’s not into Back to the Future – in that case, break up with him!) and you can feel like a cool and hot Jennifer Parker. You are welcome!

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