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TheeBlog-DoNotOpen I know I’ve said many times before that Type and good lettering could make the world a cooler, nicer, happier place. To prove my theory, today I want to share a beautiful series of custom hand-lettered envelopes featuring the always inspiring lettering work of San Francisco based, Erik Marinovich. Do Not Open is a personal project Erik began as ‘thank you notes’ to colleagues and friends. The great response and internet love these envelopes received, inspired Erik to open it to the world and make it ‘official’. Check out some samples after the jump…



Remember the feeling you’d get when a letter arrived from a pen pal or that girl you met at summer camp? Those were the good ole’ days, right? Lately, all you come home to is a pile of Bed Bath and Beyond coupons. If a nice hand lettered envelope is missing from your life than you’ve come to the right place. Over the years, I’ve received awesome posters, shirts, books, etc in the mail from colleagues. As a reply to those friends, I began mailing out oversized hand addressed envelopes. Inside each parcel was a note and a tote saying thank you. As they were mailed out i’d instagram a pic to document them before they left my watch.

Some of the recipients ended up pinning the tattered envelopes to their walls which gave them a new state of being. Seeing them framed was the poke needed to make this personal project happen. Do Not Open brings something that was specifically available to friends and family to the general public. You can submit an address (yours or a friends) and for a fee, a uniquely hand-lettered envelope will be carefully packaged and mailed to you. No two addresses will look the same. All envelopes are one of a kind that include a hand painted address on #7 kraft bubble mailers (14 1/4″ x 19″) from Office Depot. The series will be limited to only 250 envelopes. Note International orders welcomed!








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